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A list of the frequently asked questions we receive in our offices.

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What type of conditions does the chiropractor treat?

We treat most symptoms relating to spinal pain and are very successful at treating extremities (arms/legs) including joint and soft tissue damage. Nerve pain is typically treated through chiropractic.

What are the chiropractor's education and experience?

We take just as many, if not more, hours than a normal M.D. except while a medical school focuses on pharmaceuticals, chiropractic college focuses more on body mechanics and manipulation of the spine.

What are the costs associated with visiting a chiropractor?

The costs does vary depending on your insurance or out of pocket payments. We do setup payment plans for those that want to pay less for care plans.

Does the chiropractor accept my insurance?

Yes please see our website for in-network

What is the chiropractor's approach to treatment?

Our approach is more of a holistic approach in that it does not involve Western medicine/pharmaceuticals. We strive on finding the root cause of your issue and correcting the problem and not just masking a symptom.

Does the chiropractor use any specific techniques?

In school we are taught dozens of techniques but most chiropractors use a combination from what is learned in school. At ADC we use various techniques that uniquely fit into your treatment plan.

How does the chiropractor measure progress?

On top of how well you feel before and after, We measure progress by doing a complete examination with measured ROM, postural analysis, and digital X-rays and remeasure these variables at the end of the care plan.

What should I expect during my initial examination?

Please be aware to be greeted with a friendly smile and great southern hospitality. Wear something comfortable for the X-ray and for the exam which will take about 45 minutes.

Will X-rays be taken during my first appointment?

Yes, we take digital Xrays, sometimes with movement

Will the chiropractor discuss my medical history during my first appointment?

Yes we want to get the best understanding of your condition and how to treat it.

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